Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "Victory"

Yesterday, I tried a freeform loaf again and it was a success as far as keeping the shape. I made the loaf in the morning and the 3 of us at home ate it for lunch.

For supper I had planned on making a Pain d'Epi. I used the rest of the dough that I had from my first batch. It was a little more than a pound. Needless to say, it was not a success. It was awkward to shape, it was too wide to make the cuts and wouldn't lay right. Then when I went to slide it onto the stone in the oven, it didn't slide, it smooshed together. While it was baking, I began another loaf to make the another Epi with dough I had made earlier in the day. This was the bagel dough without the bread flour because I do not have bread flour! :-) I realized that I wouldn't be able to bake it before supper because I needed to get my meatloaf and potatoes in the oven. So I set it on the front porch to keep cool since I had not room in the fridge. When I took my first loaf out of the oven, it was pretty sad looking, but we used it for support and of course it tasted as good as my first two free form loaves. Most of the kids were happy. After supper I brought in the loaf from outside, let it come mostly to room temperature and tried again. This time, I was much happier with the results of cutting the dough. And I worked very hard to slide it onto the stone in the oven without misshaping it. I checked on it a couple of times while it baked and voila! It turned out. Not like the picture in the book, but much better! Here is my victory.

I am hoping to make soft pretzals with the bagel dough. And I made up a batch of light whole wheat dough with an extra cup of whole wheat and one less of all-purpose flour. I was hoping to make pitas with that for lunch today, but I have a friend dropping off her 10 month old for a few hours. Plus I need to get my yoga done, and McKenna started on her school work. We'll see how it all plays together. All in all I am happy with my sucesses!

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