Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Fun!

I have been trying various breads and doughs this last week. I have finished up the light whole wheat by making it into a loaf. I made the brioche dough in the Artisan Bread book. With that dough I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Sunday (we had guests or else I probably wouldn't have gone to that much trouble for breakfast!). I baked a loaf of bread for a potluck on Sunday. Then Sunday afternoon, I made the potato and garlic bread for my father-in-law's birthday party to have with lasagna my mother-in-law was making. I think everything turned out great as far as I am concerned.

When I grocery shopped last week, I was trying to stay within my budget and keeping it narrowed down to only necessities, but I did splurge and little with the addition of dried cranberries. I've been wanting so much to make the cranberry and orange zest challah. Today, I made up the dough thinking I would make up a loaf tomorrow....well, I couldn't wait! I made up a loaf tonight. On the Healthy Bread in Five forum I am a part of has been talking about how to do a traditional 2 strand braid for challah. I watched a video and thought it looked pretty simple, so I tried it! It was quite fun. Here are the results of my playing.

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